The first-ever scooter was introduced back in 1914. The two-wheeled was popularized amid the second world war. Scooters were designed as early as 1894. However, they were not considered scooters back then, they only have what you would call, scooter-like traits.

The first-ever scooter design can be traced back in 1894 by Hilderbrand&Wolfmuller from Munich, Germany. But we are talking about Italian scooters so let us skip a little forward.

Third Generation Scooters

Piaggio plays a vital role in the history of the Italian scooter and what it is today. Italian scootersare considered to be part of the third generation of scooters that became famous during post-World War II.

During that time Piaggio Vespa became a standard scooter for thousands of people across Italy. Piaggio built on that and is now one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers not only in Italy but around the world.

The name Piaggio Vespa was a great story to tell. When Piaggio’s President and founder Enrico Piaggio first saw the design, he uttered the words, “Sembra una vespa” meaning, “it looks like a wasp.”

History of the Italian Scooter parking near street - History of the Italian Scooter

Ever since then, some of the best scooters in the world were designed and manufactured in Italy inspired by their predecessors, mostly the Vespa.

Scooters and Motorcycles

Scooters and motorcycles are the same in many terms but are also different at the same time. If you were to ask someone to choose between a scooter and a motorcycle, then their answers might vary today. But if it was long ago, they would say motorcycle given its performance.

Scooters back then were mostly for quick travels and couldn’t be used for long travels. Nowadays, however, scooters are more robust in terms of performance, design, and specifications. They can withstand long-distance travel and they are affordable.

Italian Scooters today

Italian scooters today are considered to be some of the best vehicular inventions of our time. Every year, new features for better performance and durability are introduced by manufacturers. Piaggio is a pioneer when it comes to creating and designing world-class scooters.

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