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Piaggio Canada, under Piaggio & C. SpA based in Italy, is a leader in vehicular scooters since early 2014. Piaggio was founded back in 1884 by Rinaldo Piaggio in Pontedera, Italy. Ever since then, the vehicular manufacturer has been designing some of the top scooters ever made.

Piaggio arrived in Canada back in February 2014 and Barbara Fraley, automotive expert and power distributor was chosen to take the helm. Fraley is not only an expert but an automotive enthusiast as well. You can ask her questions about automotive either cars or motorcycles and you’ll get your answer and more.

Fraley’s leadership combined with real-time marketing made Piaggio Canada hit the ground running back in 2014. The company sold hundreds of scooters across Ontario in the first couple of months.

Onwards and Upwards

Piaggio is now active in other states including Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and New Brunswick. Paggio Canada is about to hit a major milestone of selling more than 150,000 scooters ever since it opened operation back in 2014.

There are now a couple of Piaggio Canada service centers across the country providing both sales and maintenance services. Piaggio is making great progress throughout North America and is looking to enter the US market soon.

Piaggio Canada Leadership Team

Piaggio Canada’s leaders led by Fraley is one of the most influential groups in the automotive industry here in Canada. Our newsletter has become a strong and engaging platform to educate and inform people about the latest updates in the automotive industry.

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